About Us

photo :Cindy TriniSpice Photography

photo :Cindy TriniSpice Photography

Blessings All,

My name is Cindy Peay and I am the owner and creator of A Peace of Me Skincare. I created a line of organic/natural skincare products to help assist you in your daily self-care needs. A few years ago, I was dealing with health and anger issues that made me slow down and take a long hard look at what was going on in my life. My skin was inflamed and dry due to medications I was prescribed after being diagnosed with a chronic heart disease. My body and mind was unbalanced. I was a total mess and did not like the person I had become.

Taking a leave of absence from work, and having nothing but time on my hands, I starting taking steps to find inner peace. First step was getting to the root of why I was angry. I purchased a journal and starting writing my feelings, thoughts and needs down. I began researching ways to be mindful and kind to myself, and was lead to daily affirmations and how to meditate. I’ve always had a love for nature and outdoor activities, so I joined a community garden. I grew vegetables, flowers and herbs that helped my health and well-being. I started infusing different herbs such as lavender and thyme in butters, clays, and oils to help with my dry skin. But I also discovered bathing in herbs and flowers was therapeutic, so I created bath salt and sugar scrubs to bring tranquility and calmness to my body, mind and spirit. I also grew sage and other aromatic herbs to create botanical meditation tools that have helped with my self-care rituals.

I love the person I am becoming. I say BECOMING because this journey still continues as I become a better version of myself and offer a peace of me to you.