Floral Bath Soak

Floral Bath Soak



Melt away your aches and tension in a warm bath of nature's goodness.  Soaking in a combination of pink himalayan salts helps to reduce muscle cramps. Dead sea salt cleanses the skin. We mix Coconut Milk Powder with Wildflowers picked from our garden to help relieve dry skin and beautify the soul. 

Floral Soak comes with a reusable cotton bag. Fill bag with soak and hang on faucet under running water. Or you can go Goddess Style and sprinkle a handful of bath soak in your tub for a spa like experience. 

Ingredients: himalayan sea salt, dead sea salt, organic coconut milk powder, natural essential oils,  organic wildflowers and chamomile flowers. (Vegan Friendly)

** For external use only, caution if pregnant**

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